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fenceturns and circle at the Bobby Ingersoll cowhorse clinic in July 2011 - first in slow motion, then regular speed

Welcome to the Quarter Horse Spot - home of the colorful stallion Reminic In Spots - AQHA # 4821703 [see Pedigree Notes ] Be sure to visit Appaloosa LP color - how it can exist in AQHA

Reminic In Spots is the first (that we know of) fully registered AQHA horse born with a distinctive 'appaloosa style' color pattern. He is also an exciting athlete.See video here













He was born in 2005 to registered AQHA parents, was DNA parentage verified and received full AQHA registration papers some time later.

Reminic In Spots was born bay with a white blanket & spots over his hips.

Although this type of spotted color pattern is associated with the Appaloosa horse, it is certainly not exclusive to them. The Appaloosa breed is not the origin of the LP (leopard complex) gene in horses. The color was imported to this continent, together with all the other colors and patterns we see in modern North American horse breeds - through the Spanish horses and other European breeds that laid the foundation for the AQHA, Paint and Appaloosa.

Reminic In Spots is not the first 'appaloosa' colored Quarter Horse there has ever been... though he is the first (that we know of) obviously colored horse to receive AQHA registration papers (due to the 2004 changes in the "white rule".)

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Appaloosa LP color - how it can exist in AQHA

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